If you’ve never heard of Periscope, you might just want to check it out. Twitter’s live streaming video app made stir in early 2015 when it debuted, partly because it turned every person with a smartphone into an amateur reporter or journalist. Periscope isn’t just for sharing video of you goofing off with your friends or capturing news events as they happen. It’s also a great tool for growing your business. So you should to use Periscope for Business. Here are just some ways that the downloadable app can boost your business.

Live interactive webinars

Many online marketers have already discovered the benefit of being able to host a live, interactive webinar anywhere, at any time, using Periscope. Because the app notifies your followers when you begin a broadcast, you can have impromptu Q&A’s, training sessions or interviews when the opportunity arises.

Periscope keeps the videos up for 24 hours so people can watch them as replays, and you can save the videos to your mobile device and upload them to your website later on. Since you can set the broadcasts to be available to anyone, not just your followers, you can attract new viewers who may go on to become loyal followers and customers, helping your business to grow organically.

Special Tip!

You can use online automatic tool Katch.me to record all you periscope videos. Katch.me works in the background and saves your replays to the cloud. Your replays will be ready to watch or download within seconds after you finish streaming.

Interactive advertising

You can showcase your products and services by broadcasting them live to your audience. Product demonstrations are a great way to build customer trust, and because viewers can comment with their questions, you can answer them in real time.

You can video yourself and your product in various locations, interacting with customers or even give a behind the scenes look of how your product is made, or how your business runs. This helps establish a personal connection to your customers that photos on your website just can’t, and you can even add them to your website after they’ve broadcast so potential new customers can see them as well.

Focus groups

Get real time feedback on products and projects before you ever begin working on them. Let your viewers give their opinions on what features to include, what information you’ll provide and more.

Q&A sessions

Think of how popular Twitter’s Q&A sessions are; people want to reach out and communicate directly with those they follow, or want to follow. Periscope allows you to answer your followers’ questions and establish both trust and authority much quicker than if you are just blogging about your niche.

How-to videos

Want to walk your followers through the steps behind creating a project of their own?

Periscope gives viewers the chance to ask questions as you demonstrate, so you can help them immediately during the broadcast. This helpful feature is something that pre-recorded videos just can’t do, giving you an edge over sites like Vimeo and YouTube. Get creative and see what other ways you can use Periscope to grow your business. By jumping on the trend early on, you could be ahead of the game when other businesses finally realize what they’re missing out on.

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