Our Halloween Pumpkins are waiting to be carved

Three blank Halloween Pumpkins in Yellow background

Autumn leaves :) we collected as many different sorts and colours as we could find on our walk through the park

LuckyPig’s Pumpkin carving process…

LuckyPig's Pumpkin, carving

We finally finished carving our pumpkins! “Lucky Pig”, “Autumn” and “Small Ghost”

We finally finished carving our pumpkins!

Luckily it’s when the candles are inside and it’s dark that the pumpkins come alive!

Halloween - Lucky Pig - 2012

Pumpkin “Autumn”

Autumn Pumpkin in Dark on light leaves

Pumpkin “Small Ghost”

Small Ghost Pumpkin in dark

Lucky Pig wishes you a happy halloween
and a great bank holiday!

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